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Finally it’s here! The professional dog training target!

Quick and easy to shrink and to remove in seconds step by step in your training
Rings can also be used individually = fo example 4 single paw targets
Non-slip and comfortable for the dog’s paws
Durable and robust product
Easy to clean
Additional function to set up a target stick
With handle to carry and store the target
Pleasant weight of over 550g (does not fly away in the wind)
NEW Stick now with “spoon” side, to be able to put or smear food into it

Convince yourselves of the first professional dogtraining target from Germany!

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12 ground targets + 6 target sticks

for dog schools, clubs and of course everyone who, like me, simply cannot use enough beautiful targets for their training .. 🙂

The particularly easy-care and pleasant-to-use target adapts perfectly to any surface and, thanks to its own weight, does not blow away even on stormy days. The non-slip and shock-absorbing surface offers health benefits, especially for large and fast dogs. The robust material makes the target insensitive to dog claws, dirt and rough surfaces. Due to its longevity, the target promises you a lot of fun with the new training equipment.

The holes in the middle and in the outer ring can be used to set up the associated target stick.
Another hole in the second ring from the outside serves as a handle or to hang up the target.

The target comes in turquoise and the color can vary slightly from the photos.

With the extra long target stick, this target offers countless possible variations in dog and animal training.

The product developed with great attention to detail by Melanie Felix, professional dog athlete in international freestyle and dog trainer, should make your training easier and simply fun!


The soil targets have a total diameter of approx. 27.5 cm and weigh approx. 550 g each.

It can be used in 4 different sizes.

The individual rings are each approx. 4 cm wide and
have a diameter of:
Middle = 7 cm
Ring 1 = 14 cm
Ring 2 = 20.5 cm
Ring 3 = 27.5 cm

Robust, easy-care and durable TPE material:
TPE (chemical: thermoplastic elastomers) are free from PVC and latex and are manufactured without the addition of toxic plasticizers. Non-slip and robust like PVC, but more environmentally friendly because 100% recyclable.

Caution! Please never store the floor target folded or rolled. The target is ideally stored horizontally or attached to its grip hole (in ring 2 from the outside).

This set contains 12 ground targets and 6 target sticks.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

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