Fuba Treat & Play

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The popular food balls made of neoprene have been tuned inside with wipeable synthetic leather and are now much easier to clean. Equipped with a removable throwing strap, the balls can now be used as desired. You and your dog will love this great toy! -Game, fun and surprise with every reward! Because the right motivation in training should be in the first place.

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My favorite training toys!

– Why? The Fuba Treat & Play is just great!

Dogs can open the Fuba on their own to grab food from inside the toy. This can be beneficial in many ways.

My Border Collies for example, who with the “normal” ball quickly get into such a euphoric level of playing that this too high motivation then quickly turns into too high an excitement level for work and “clear thinking”, are optimally on their way with the Fuba. Because they first take the food from the food ball and then retrieve it in peace, they do not go so high and I simply have another great “intermediate level” to reward.

Dogs on the other hand, who like my Dalmatian are otherwise hardly to motivate to play, find with the Fuba very quickly like to dash after him, to then unpack their own food. Teaching them to retrieve becomes almost a matter of course.

The Fuba Treat & Play has a loop on the closed side, to which I have already attached a throwing band with a hand loop, but which can be removed at any time, or replaced by another band. Through the band with the hand loop, the toys are much better to throw (at least if you can not throw so great like me… 😉 I personally love the food ball, for example, to reward at a distance, use them extremely happy to hoop and also for everything else where the dogs like to work away from me.

The Fuba’s have a soft neoprene outer shell and a black leatherette interior, making them super safe and soft to catch, but the material inside is wipeable after use. The material is very sturdy and in our case, despite frequent use, the Fuba’s have proven to be very durable.

The three parts of the individual pods are provided with a Velcro closure, which keeps the pod closed until opened. Even small treats thus remain in place when thrown and do not fall out. For the dogs it is after a little practice an easy to open the ball to get to the reward.

In short: The Fuba is for my personal training a real enrichment!

approx. 7 cm in diameter, weighs with hand strap approx. 40 g
the 15 mm webbing with wrist loop is approx. 20 cm long

Tips & Care
The pods should really be used as a toy to play with the dog. unsupervised and for dogs who like to chew on toys, I would not provide them.

To ensure our dog stays happy and healthy after playing, the Fuba’s should be wiped out after each use and allowed to dry thoroughly. If it gets dirty, it cleans up very well with a damp rag. From the machine wash I advise against, because the Velcro fasteners can suffer from it, otherwise it is harmless for the material at max 30*C.

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