Rabbit ball on ribbon


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The toy highlight for your dog! The rabbit fur ball was provided by me with different throwing bands, throwing, tugging, romping with this toy you will have a lot of fun!

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The dogs just love him…

The rabbit ball on a ribbon is for many dogs a real toy in a class of its own.

Here no dog wishes remain open… Ball, real fur and zergel combined in one toy.

The ball is a tennis ball which was glued with real fur. Due to the real fur, the colors may vary slightly.

The Firedog toy I have combined with a round ribbon, this has a diameter of about 15 cm. The rabbit tennis ball itself has a diameter of about 7 cm.

If the toy has become wet after training simply let it air dry. Never let dogs play with the toy unsupervised. To chew on the toy is unsuitable because parts of fur, tape and ball can be chewed and / or swallowed!

The toy has a total weight of approx. 125 g.

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